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Petroleum Information

The Purpose of this web site is to promote widespread knowledge about the oil and gas business. You can find the answers to questions like how nature created oil and natural gas, and the history of oil. If you ever have a question, you may contact us through email or writing to our address.

1 (903) 893-1129

The Modern Building

4900 Texoma Parkway, Sherman Texas 75090

About Us

In business since March 1977, Modern Exploration is a vibrant company with corporate headquarters located in Sherman, Texas just 60 miles north of Dallas and with geologic and operational offices located in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Modern Exploration, Inc. drills and produces oil and gas wells in the United States. Most wells drilled are in Texas. Modern has extensive experience in the geologic formations in the great state of Texas. Together with a vast geologic library and experienced team members, Modern Exploration, Inc. has earned a reputation for honesty, integrity and achievement.

Wells Drilled

Looking for Opportunities

Modern Exploration Inc. is always looking for prospects to drill. If your company has a prospect that looks promising to you, please do not hesitate to give us a call. If possible we would like to be the operator of the prospect; however we are not the operators on all our wells.

Modern Exploration, Inc. has a spectacular reputation. Landowners that we purchase leases from know that we purchase that lease to drill a well upon, and not to resale that lease to make a profit. When we purchase a lease, we intend to drill a well or a series of wells upon that lease. Modern Exploration, Inc. has an excellent reputation with our royalty owners. If a difficulty occurs, we correct the challenge immediately. We know that if we correct issues between field or office personnel and landowners immediately we will be ahead of most of our competition.

For more information concerning Modern Exploration, Inc., or to submit a drilling prospect, please contact the corporate office at 4900 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman, Texas 75090. Alternatively, call (903) 893-1129.

Oil & Gas Prices

West Texas Intermediate (WTI)
It is the underlying commodity of Chicago Mercantile Exchange's oil futures contracts.

Henry Hub Natural Gas Spot Price
The Henry Hub spot price is the primary price set for the North American natural gas market. Get the price.

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